Brief Introduction to the Southwest University For Nationalities

Southwest University for Nationalities (SWUN), directly under the control of the Slate Ethnic Affairs Committee is a multi-disciplinary higher education institute. The university was founded in July 1950 and officially established on June 1st, 1950. The university is located in Chengdu. "Land of Abudance", and is in adjacent to the famous Wuhou Temple. It covers an area of over 1600 mu with 472.000 square meters for construction area, including old campus, new campus , Taipingyuan campus.

The university includes 18 colleges and departments of sociology, social science and physical training, 47 undergraduate subjects, 28 master degree subjects and one doctor degree subject, five key provincial (ministerial) -level subjects,  five provincial-level undergraduate talents training bases and nine key provincial (ministerial) -level laboratories. Currently .more than 20,000 students are studying in the university, with overseas students from 15 countries. The university has over 1400 teachers and employees with more than 400 professors and associate professors. The library has collected 1.9 million books ,the cost of teaching research facility is over 100 million RMB.

The university is a key opening-up unit of Sichuan province. So far experts, scholars and government officials from over 70 countries have come to make academic exchanges and visits. SWUN has established inter-university cooperative relations with foreign colleges of Britain Manchester University, Birmingham University, New Zealand Waikato University, Canada Indian United College, Seattle Washington University of USA and academic exchange relations with the research institutes of USA, Japan and Switzerland and finished many international cooperative research projects. SWUN has exchanged students with Inje University of Korea.

Warm welcome every friend from all over the world to our university to study.


Southwest University For Nationalities is located in Chengdu, which is one of the largest metropolises in Southwest China. Chengdu is not only among the first group of famous historical and cultural cities ratified by the State Council but also a well known tourist attraction all over China. Chengdu is an ancient city with more than 2000 years, therefore there are lots of historical scenic spots in the city such as Wuhou Temple, Dufu's Thatched Cottage, the Tomb of Wangjian and Jinsha Ruins etc. World Cultural Heritage Dujiangyan Irrigation Project and Mt.Qingcheng is located in the suburb of Chengdu, the largest panda reserve zone in the world, Wolong is only 2 hour's drive from the city by car. Also Chengdu is the traffic hinge of land way and aviation of Sichuan Province and the city has an international airport connecting the United States, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, France and other countries. It also connects most major Chinese cities by frequent flight, railways, and highways. Another attraction for foreign students is the fact that Chengdu is the gateway to mysterious Tibet.

Sichuan has many minority nationalities and tourism resources. In order to make international students understand Chinese culture and ethnic culture well, we will arrange international students to minority nationalities regions or places of interest to do some field trip, followings are our general routes:

Chengdu-Jiuzhaigou-Huanglong-Wolong Panda Center (Tibetan and Qiang Culture and Folklore)

Chengdu-Mt.Emei-Leshan Giant Buddha (Buddhism Culture)
Chengdu-Dujiangyan Irrigation Project-Mt. Qingcheng (Taoism Culture)
Chengdu-Moxi Ancient Town-Hailuogou Glacier Park ( Kangba Tibetan Culture and Folklore)

Chengdu-Xichang-Panzhihua-Lugu Lake (Culture and Folklore of Yi Minority and Naxi mosuo people)



1.        Willing to obey the laws and policies of the Chinese government and
regulations of Southwest University for Nationalities, respect Chinese people's
customs and habits, Cultivate the friendship of all nations.

2.        Language program (including vocational classes): Applicants age 16 to 65,
with a good health, are qualified to apply for study.

3.BA (General Scholar) Program: Applicants should have the academic record and diploma equivalent to a Chinese high school graduate.

4.MA Program: Students should possess a Bachelor's Degree.







Fees and Deadline


No application deadline is set for language-studying students. Tuition fees must be paid at registration. The general scholar, undergraduate and postgraduate who want to begin their study in autumn, September, should apply before the end of June each year. And those who want to begin studying in spring, March, should apply before the end of December each year. Also tuition fees must be paid at registration.


Registration Procedure


1. Applicants can get "Application Form For Admission of Southwest University for Nationalities" and "Physical Examination Record for Foreigner(s)" from the International Student Office of SWUN or download the Form from .

2.  Applicants should post their "Application Form For Admission of Southwest University for Nationalities", "Physical Examination Record for Foreigner(s)", Resume, Copies of Academic and Graduation Certificates and 20 dollars application fee to the International Student Office of SWUN.

3.  Applicants should go to Embassy of China to apply Studying visa (X visa).

4. Applicants are required to submit the following documents to the International Student Office of SWUN: Application form, Resume, Copies of Academic and Graduation Certificates and "Physical Examination Record for Foreigner(s)" and Jw202 Form.


Students Rules


1. Obey the laws, policies and regulations of the Chinese government, accept the arrangements of the University.   Do not engage in illegal religious activities, doing missionary work is not allowed.

2. Observe all the regulations and rules of Southwest University For Nationalities; Respect the faculty and staff.

3. Respect people's customs and habits of all nations.

4. Respect your fellow students and cultivate their friendship, and help each other.

5. Don't be late for class. You should ask for leave if you cannot attend the class.

6. Keep clean and pay attention to hygiene. No smoking in classroom and dining room.

7. Study hard to complete required courses.

8. Please do not make noise in your classroom, bedroom, the Students Center, dining-hall and the public areas.


Health Examination and Quarantine


The new overseas students ,with X-visa and study for more than one year, should go to "Sichuan Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau" to make confirm of your physical exam get record for applying your verification certificate of health. If failed, part or full checking will be taken again otherwise Residence permit will be unable to apply.

Sichuan Entry -Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau Add: N0.3 Tong-Zi-Ling -Bei Lu     Tel: 85460681


Visa and Aliens Residence Permit


Those students who come to China with X-visa should apply their "Residence Permit" within 30 days, after they entered into China, at "Alien's Exit and Entry Administration Office of the Chengdu Municipal Public Security Bureau". The duration of your stay in China will be indicated on the Residence Card. Please pay attention to the expired date of this Card!

Those students who come to China with F-visa should understand that the F-visa is valid for a stay in China of 3 to 6 months from your date of entry. Your F-visa can be renewed several times, but your total time staying in China should not exceed half a year. This new visa completely replaces your previous visa, so the last day of your stay is indicated on your new visa.

Anyone who wishes to travel to cities or counties closed to aliens should apply in advance for a travel permit to the Public Security Bureau, otherwise you are not allowed to make a trip.

Attention should be taken quite often to check the expired date indicated on your passport, Residence permit and your visa. Illegal stay will be fined 500 yuan (R.M.B)/per day. All the official documents and ID  are not allowed to forge, alter, misuse, transfer, buy or sell.


On Part-Time Work to Aid One’s Study


Those students who come to China with X or F visa should not be employed in China without permission of the competent authorities of the Chinese government. But in some certain cases, if someone apply for it to Overseas Students Office, and an agreement has been made with employer, and permitting paper is issued, and then you may take that job, but to work in the night-club are not allowed. Anyway, try to avoid any influence to your study program.


Off Campus Housing


According to some competent authorities regulations, foreign students who live off-campus must live in housing that has even approved as a legal residence for foreigners. To rent the illegal house, the protection of the law will not be obtained. Those students who wish off-campus housing should go to the local police station with your landlord to registry.

Application Procedure:

a. To make a contract with the landlord and obtain "permitting Certificate of House-Rent".

b.To fill the "Temporary Residence Registration Form for Alien's" at local police station.

c.To sign "The Security Responsibilities Agreement" between the landlord and the local police station.

d.To finish some paper work and change your old address on your Residence Card at Alien's Exit and Entry Administration Office of the Chengdu Municipal Public Security Bureau.


Tuition fee for Chinese language (Mandarin), Tibetan language, Yi language and Culture of Chinese Minority is RMB 4920 per semester.