A language of Pakistan

ISO 639-3: wbl

Population 9,100 in Pakistan. Population includes 4,500 to 6,000 Gojal, 2,000 Ishkoman, 200 Yasin, 900 Yarkhun (1992), plus refugees. Population total all countries: 31,666.
Region Northeasternmost part of Chitral, called Baroghil area; in glacier neighborhood. Gojal is in the upper Hunza valley from Gulmit to the Chinese and Afghanistan borders, and the Shimshal and Chupursan valleys; also in upper Yarkhun valley of Chitral, and upper Ishkoman valley. Also spoken in Afghanistan, China, Tajikistan.
Alternate names   Wakhani, Wakhigi, Vakhan, Khik
Dialects Gojal, Ishkoman, Yasin, Yarkhun. Dialect intelligibility is reported to not be a problem even of those in other countries. Lexical similarity 84% between Ishkoman and Gojal, 89% between Yasin and Gojal, 91% between Ishkoman and Yasin.
Classification Indo-European, Indo-Iranian, Iranian, Eastern, Southeastern, Pamir
Language use Positive language attitude. Men and young people have routine proficiency in Urdu. Fewer than half the women, and few older people in remote areas speak Urdu. Older people and those who live in mixed villages in Gojal can use Burushaski.
Comments The people are called 'Guhjali' in upper Hunza, but call themselves 'Khik'. SOV. Valleys. Pastoralists: sheep, goats, cattle, yak, camels; agriculturalists: barley. Ismaili Muslim.

Also spoken in: Afghanistan

Language name   Wakhi
Population 9,566 in Afghanistan (2000 WCD). Ethnic population: 18,000 in Afghanistan (1990 A. E. Kibrik).
Region East of Ishkashim, Pamir Mountains, in 64 villages on the left bank of the Panj River in the Wakhan Corridor, as far as Sarhad village (about 73E). Center is Khandud. Most have scattered as refugees in Afghanistan or Pakistan.
Alternate names   Wakhani, Wakhigi, Vakhan, Khik, Guhjali
Language development Literacy rate in first language: below 1%.
Comments People are called 'Guhjali'. There may be none in Afghanistan now. Muslim.

Language name   Wakhi
Population 6,000 in China. Ethnic population: 15,000 in China (A. E. Kibrik).
Region Taxkorgan Tajik Autonomous County (especially Daftar), and in the mountains south of Pishan, Xinjiang.
Alternate names   Vakhan, Wakhani, Wakhigi, Khik
Dialects Eastern Wakhi.
Language use Speakers also use Mandarin Chinese.
Comments Part of the Tajik nationality. Pastoralists: sheep, cattle; agriculturalists: barley, wheat, peas. Ismaili Muslim.

Language name   Wakhi
Population 7,000 in Tajikistan (1993 UBS). Ethnic population: 20,000 in Tajikistan (1990 Kibrik).
Region Gorno-Badakhshan, Pamir Mountains.
Alternate names   Vakhan, Wakhani, Wakhigi, Guhjali, Khik
Dialects Western Wakhi, Central Wakhi, Eastern Wakhi.
Language use 70% of the ethnic group speaks Wakhi. Not a written language. Some key domains. 60% of children speak Wakhi. Positive language attitude. Tajiki is used as a literary language.

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Speakers are called 'Guhjali'. Ismaili Muslim.