A language of China

ISO 639-3: swi

Population 200,000 in China (1999 Zeng Xiaoyu). 100,000 monolinguals. Population total all countries: 200,120. Ethnic population: 200,000 or more (1999 Zeng Xiaoyu).
Region Districts of Sandu and Libo in Guizhou and District of Nandan in Guangxi, dispersed in Guangxi and northeastern Yunnan. Also spoken in Viet Nam.
Alternate names   Shui, Ai Sui, Sui Li, Suipo
Dialects Sandong (San Tung), Anyang (Yang'an), Pandong. Dialect differences are minor. That spoken in Yunnan is reported to be more different. Sandong is the standard.
Classification Tai-Kadai, Kam-Tai, Kam-Sui
Language use Vigorous. All domains. All ages. Positive language attitude. About 200,000 use Chinese as second language. Bilingualism is low in the main areas. Written Chinese is in use.
Language development Literacy rate in second language: 37%. Taught in primary schools. Radio programs. Films.
Comments An official nationality. 70 syllable-initial consonants. Mountain slope, plateau. Agriculturalists. Polytheist, Daoist, traditional religion.

Also spoken in:
Viet Nam
Language name   Sui
Population 120 in Viet Nam (2002 Edmondson).
Region Tuyen Quang, Chiem Hoa.

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Have been in Viet Nam more than 150 years.