A language of China

ISO 639-3: shx

Population 911 (1999 Mao Zongwu). 197 monolinguals. Population includes 579 Luofu, 386 Lianhua (1995 McConnell). Ethnic population: 630,378 (1990 census) in the official nationality, including 270,000 in Fujian and a smaller group in Guangdong.
Region Southeastern Guangdong Province, (Lianhua dialect in Haifeng and Huidong counties; Luofu dialect in Boluo and Zengcheng counties), more than 10 villages.
Alternate names   Huo Nte, Ho Nte
Dialects Luofu (Eastern She), Lianhua (Western She). Major linguistic differences with Mien. Closest to Jiongnai Bunu. Dialects are inherently intelligible. Classification within Hmong-Mien is in dispute (McConnell 1995:1320).
Classification Hmong-Mien, Ho Nte
Language use Used mainly by adults. All domains by some speakers. Children were predominantly monolingual in She, but now they speak Chinese. Indifferent language attitude. Bilinguals use Hakka or Min or Mandarin Chinese as first or second language. Written Chinese is in common use. 'Shehua' refers to the variety of Hakka spoken by the She.
Language development Grammar.


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An official nationality. SVO; modifiers precede noun heads; mainly monosyllabic roots, but mainly compound words; loans from Hakka and Cantonese Chinese; tonal, 8 tones. Mountain slope, riverine, foothills, hills. Agriculturalists: wet rice. Daoist.