A language of China

ISO 639-3: mnc

Population 60 (1999 Zhao Aping). Ethnic population: 1,821,180 (1990 census).
Region Heilongjiang, a few Manchu-speaking villages in Aihui and Fuyu counties. The ethnic group is in Heilongjiang, Jilin, and Liaoning provinces. There may also be members of the ethnic group in North Korea and Siberia.
Alternate names   Man
Dialects Bala, Alechuxa, Jing, Lalin.
Classification Altaic, Tungus, Southern, Southwest
Language use Speakers are older adults. Positive language attitude. All are bilingual. The nonspeakers of Manchu in the ethnic group speak Mandarin. Written Chinese in common use.
Language development Literacy rate in second language: 82%. About 50 speakers can read and write it. Dictionary. NT: 1835.


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An official nationality called Man. Scholars are involved in studying the history, language, and literature. Written Manchu adopted in 1599 was once in use with old Manchu script. Agriculturalists; fishermen. Chinese traditional religion, Shamanist, Buddhist.