A language of Laos

ISO 639-3: khf

Population 8,000 in Laos (1995 Chazee). Population total all countries: 9,000.
Region Luang Namtha Province, Nale, Sing, and Viangphoukha districts. Near the Lamet people. Also spoken in China, USA.
Alternate names   Kween, Khween, Khouen
Classification Austro-Asiatic, Mon-Khmer, Northern Mon-Khmer, Khmuic, Mal-Khmu', Khmu'
Comments Distinct from Kuan, Tai Kouanne, and Khmu Keun. Buddhist.

Also spoken in: China
Language name   Khuen
Population 1,000 in China (1993).
Alternate names  

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Kween, Khween, Khouen