Hmong, Western Xiangxi

A language of China

ISO 639-3: mmr

Population 700,000 (1987 Zhang and Cao).
Region Western Hunan, Xiangxi Tujia Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Songtao County in Guizhou, Xiushan County in Sichuan, and some places in Guangxi. Possibly also in Ha Tuyen Province, northern Viet Nam and in Thailand.
Alternate names   Red Miao, Meo Do, Red Meo, Western Xiangsi Miao, Ghao-Xong, Huayuan Miao, Hsianghsi Miao, West Hunan Miao, Western West-Hunan Miao
Dialects Not inherently intelligible with other varieties of Hmong (Miao).
Classification Hmong-Mien, Hmongic, Xiangxi
Language use Vigorous, strong sense of ethnic identity. Most domains except education. Positive language attitude.
Language development Literacy rate in second language: 40% or more. Dictionary.

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Part of the Miao nationality. Polytheist, Christian.