A language of China

ISO 639-3: duu

Population 11,300. 95% monolingual. Population includes 5,816 Drung (1990 census) and 5,500 ethnic Nung in the Nu nationality (1990 J-O Svantesson). About 6,000 in Nu River dialect, about 4,000 in Dulong River dialect.
Region Dulong River dialect is spoken along both sides of the Dulong River in Gongshan Dulong-Nu Autonomous County in far northwestern Yunnan. Nu River dialect is spoken from Gongshan Dulong-Nu Autonomous County west to Chayu (ZayŁ) County in Tibet.
Alternate names   Trung, Tulung, Dulong, Qiu, Rawang
Dialects Dulong River (Derung River), Nu River. The dialects are reported to be inherently intelligible. The Nu River Drung is not the same as the Tibeto-Burman 'Nung', which are also in Myanmar. Not the same as Rawang in Myanmar. Other possible dialect names are Melam, Metu, Tamalu, Tukiumu.
Classification Sino-Tibetan, Tibeto-Burman, Nungish
Language use Vigorous. Speakers of other languages living among them use Drung as second language. All domains. All ages. Positive language attitude. Speakers also use Chinese, Burmese, or Lisu.
Language development Very few can read or write. Roman script.


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An official nationality, called 'Dulong'. 'Qiuzu' is an old term for the people. Not a written language. SOV; tonal, 3 tones. Mountain slope. Agriculturalists; fishermen. Polytheist, Christian.