Chinese, Min Dong

A language of China

ISO 639-3: cdo

Population 8,820,252 in China (2000 WCD). Population total all countries: 9,103,157.
Region Area from Fu'an in northeastern Fujian to Fuzhou in east central Fujian. Also spoken in Brunei, Indonesia (Java and Bali), Malaysia (Peninsular), Singapore, Thailand.
Alternate names   Eastern Min
Dialects Fuzhou (Fuchow, Foochow, Guxhou). The prestige variety is that spoken in Fujian.
Classification Sino-Tibetan, Chinese
Language use Speakers are adequately bilingual in Standard Chinese.
Language development Highly literate in Chinese, and they use that literature. Bible: 18841905.
Comments Part of the Han nationality.

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Language name   Chinese, Min Dong
Population 6,566 in Brunei (2000 WCD). 11.88% of ethnic Chinese.
Dialects Foochow.
Comments Buddhist, Daoist, Christian.

Indonesia (Java and Bali)
Language name   Chinese, Min Dong
Population 20,000 in Indonesia (1982).
Alternate names   Min Dong
Dialects Xinghua (Hsinghua).

Malaysia (Peninsular)

Language name   Chinese, Min Dong
Population 222,185 in Malaysia (2000 WCD). Population includes 85,368 in Peninsular Malaysia, 120,645 in Sarawak (1979, including Pu-Xian Chinese).
Dialects Foochow (Fuzhou).


Language name   Chinese, Min Dong
Population 34,154 in Singapore (2000 WCD). Ethnic population: 31,391.
Region Mainly in China.
Dialects Fuzhou (Fuchow, Foochow, Guxhou).

Language name   Chinese, Min Dong
Alternate names   Eastern Min

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Fuzhou (Fuchow, Foochow).