A language of China

ISO 639-3: byu

Population 2,772 (2000 WCD). Ethnic population: 3,000 (2000 D. Bradley).
Region Yunnan Province, Wenshan Zhuang-Miao Autonomous District, Guangnan County, one location, and Funing County, Gula Township.
Dialects Yalang, Ecun, Langjia. A number of dialects. Some similarities grammatically with Kam-Sui. Lexical similarity 38% with Pubiao, 34% with Lati, 32% with Northern Zhuang, 31% with Gelo, 28% with Dong, 24% with Laka, 23% with Hlai, 10% with Hmong, 6% with Mien.
Classification Tai-Kadai, Kadai, Yang-Biao
Language use Most speakers can use Southwest Mandarin, except for children and older adults. Those from 15 to 50 can speak the local kind of Zhuang. About half can speak Yerong.
Language development Grammar.

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Part of the Zhuang nationality. SVO; adjectives follow nouns; tonal, 6 tones (combining categories in checked and unchecked syllables). Polytheist.