A language of China

ISO 639-3: aib

Population 6,570 (2000).
Region Yengixar (Shule) town, Hanalik and Paynap villages in the Kashgar area, and Gewoz village near Hoban; Hetian, Luopu, Moyu, Shache, Yingjisha and Shulekuche counties of southwestern Xinjiang Autonomous Region.
Alternate names   Aynu, Aini, Abdal
Dialects The language has the same grammar as Uyghur but much Persian vocabulary. Some consider it to be a dialect of Uyghur, others to be an Iranian language heavily influenced by Uyghur. The government counts them as Uyghur.
Classification Altaic, Turkic, Eastern
Language use Used in the home. Uyghur spoken to outsiders.


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Part of the Uyghur nationality. They do not intermarry with the Uyghur. Different from the Ainu spoken in Russia and Japan. Caste of circumcisers. Muslim (Sunni).